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Decades of Experience

At VAES, in addition to moulded and injected gaskets, we also manufacture flat gaskets with all kinds of materials, manufactured both in-house and by certified suppliers for liquid and gas sealing and electrical insulation.

  • Vaes, décadas de experiencia
  • Vaes, décadas de experiencia

Gasket types and material families

Rubbers / Elastomers

  • Natural Rubber NR, Nitrile NBR, EPDM, Viton® FKM, Silicone MVQ, Neoprene CR.
  • Blend development and compound manufacturing to specified certification.
  • FLAT GASKETS: Micro-gaskets, pipe cuts.
  • MOULDED AND INJECTED GASKETS: Special parts, membranes, DIN 3869, custom.

Cell rubbers

Compressed cardboard

  • Standard gaskets for flanges: DIN, ISO, ASME/ANSI, etc.

Graphite with/without metal inserts

Cork rubber / Red Fibre / Felts

PTFE Teflon/PU Polyurethane/Technical Plastics

Electrical Insulation Materials

  • Mica / Nomex® / Kapton / Bakelites, etc.

Thermal Insulation Materials

  • Bio paper for high temperatures (>1,000 °C, BARLAN®, ISOFRAX® plates.
  • TEXTILE Cords, Braids, Fabrics and Blankets.


At VAES, we have permanent stocks of the most common materials and of your recurring orders. And we offer a periodic delivery service from 24 h to fit n with your production schedule.

Our logistics standards:
• Labeling with barcode and customer logo
• Neutral packaging
• Bar coding
• Identification / marking
• Customer specific packaging
• Individual / set packaging
Additional services:
• Component assembly
• Packaging units
• Kanban deliveries
• Consignment warehouse

      • Vaes, permanent Stock
      • Vaes, Stock permanente de materiales
      • Vaes, Stock permanente de materiales
      • Vaes, Stock permanente de materiales
      • Vaes, Stock permanente de materiales