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Decades of Experience

In VAES we manufacture flat gaskets in any non-metallic material in any amount. And we create specific rubber mixtures according to your technical specifications: Viton®, FKM, Silicone, etc.

  • Vaes, décadas de experiencia
  • Vaes, décadas de experiencia

Types of gaskets

We have tailor-made solutions for isolation and sealing in a wide range of specialized materials. These are some of our products, taking care of the shape and size of the piece.


We advise you on the choice of suitable material for your application.

Mixes of Solid Silicone SSR

    • Mezcladora automática


In VAES, we have a mixing machine to make solid silicone compounds according to their requirements for batches of 50 to 1 . 000 Kg. Its automatic system ensures quality and allows to guarantee accurate mixes of previous batches. A filter package avoids the prevulcanizations and leaves the final blend free of any impurity

Common Applications


Materials that we usually use to ensure sealing, water, steam and gases under low or medium temperature conditions and pressure.

Thermal Isolation

Where it is necessary to ensure sealing and/or protect various elements of high temperatures, as well as to isolate heat sources with the consequent energy saving.

  • Bioceramic materials
  • Glass Fiber
  • Barlan®
  • Nefalit®
  • Graphite

Electrical Isolation

Many electrical and electronic components must be conveniently isolated even at high temperatures.

  • Mica
  • Nomex®
  • Bakelite

Sealing+ other performance (Noise Isolation)

There are materials that guarantee the sealing adequately by absorbing vibrations and small noises that generate the moving systems.

  • Cork
  • Foam of synthetic rubbers( EPDM, CR, MVQ..)