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Valle Esudero, S.L
24 April 2019

Automatic quality vision systems UP!!!

Increasing our quality control capacity for checking pieces with a new automatic vision equipment. It has been a month of improvements in our quality control MATLIX when installing a new unit. Right now we have 3 equipment destined to monitor automatically the parts we manufacture

We have added a new art equipment for visual inspection and both dimensional and surface defects. The new machine is able to increase our inspection capacity in over 500,000 pieces a day. Both the new software and new data acquisition technologies allow faster efficient and reliable control of the revised parts.

The new equipment gives us additional capabilities that will enhance the effectiveness of the quality department along with improved customer service. This investment shows the continuous effort the company is doing to ensure product quality and improve the reliability of the products we manufacture for our customers.

Do not hesitate to request the automated visual inspection for sealing applications for gas or other components deemed critical applications. Our quality system will not only ensure the required dimensions but also will guarantee against failure by surface defects, inclusions, impurities, cuts and burrs.