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Valle Esudero, S.L
24 April 2019

Thermal insulation
At Vaes we make flat gaskets from the most diverse materials used for sealing or for thermal insulation. Thermal insulation is used in construction and in industry and is characterized by its high thermal resistance.


Woven brake belts are intended for all kinds of drum brakes and clutches in the most demanding applications. They are characterized by a high and stable friction factor. They guarantee greater levels of safety, because thanks to their structure they do not break suddenly.
These belts are made from threads with a high friction factor and are highly resistant to thermal impact. The patented form of braiding ensures that even in extreme work conditions the layers of this belt do not separate. Un impregnarte oleo sintético especial ensures stable conditions de fregamiento on the broad scale of temperatures.
The undeniable quality of the woven brake belts results in their being employed in the most demanding applications. The BAC brake belt is the only one in possession of the President of the Supreme Mining Office’s licence for use in mining extraction machines, therefore, in the most demanding machines for transporting people.

Woven friction linings are mainly used in drum brakes where infallible and efficient braking is essential. They are employed for example in mining extraction machines in wells, reclaimer forklifts and excavators in open-pit mines or quarries, elevators, port-side cranes and ship winches, steel mill cranes and eccentric industrial presses.

At Vaes we have different qualities of brake belts in order to satisfy all our customers’ needs.