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Valle Esudero, S.L
24 April 2019

Graphite gaskets for high pressure

Vaes’s capped graphite gaskets for high pressure offer end users in the electricity generation industry more reliable and leak-tight cap joints in pressure gaskets. These capped graphite gaskets for high pressure are apt for use in valves with screwed and bolted caps in steam and water.

One of the best things ever to happen to the gasket and the sealing industry is flexible graphite. Graphite, in its various forms, is being widely used for high and medium temperature pressure seal applications.
Graphite gaskets are made of puros exfoliadas and have excellent sealing properties, withstanding a wide range of temperatures, pressure and chemical products. The homogenous material is free of breathable fibres, binding agents and additives.

Graphite sheets in flakes are capable of withstanding significantly more aggressive chemical environments (that are not powerful oxidizing environments) and higher pressure than standard sealing materials without asbestos. Inserted metallic graphite is capable of operating at even greater pressure.

It is uniquely heat-resistant and able to withstand the extreme temperatures of cryogenics. In the reduction of environments, pure graphite can withstand up to 5000 F.

These sheets are normally available in thicknesses from 1/32 ".