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Valle Esudero, S.L
24 April 2019

Industrial processes have for sometime been developing automated measuring systems which guarantee the quality of the equipment and components they manufacture

Most industries of high added value have incorporated these techniques into their processes. VAES SL within its strategic reflections has opted to commit to these models despite its relatively small size.

Even when our products represent the tiniest fraction of the cost of the components and systems in which they are fitted, they are crucial to both the correct functioning of the latter and to their longevity and market position.

We can state unreservedly that we do not want the manufacturers of components to compromise their end product on account of the quality of the parts we supply. In those cases in which safety is affected electromagnetic groups for gas, the issue of safety takes priority over other aspects, especially when the element we supply is the main actor in its role as barrier to the passage of gas.

For this reason our supply of all these parts is subject to review of both dimension and quality.

The installations for the production of Gaskets and insulation materials
At Vaes we manufacture industrial flat gaskets with an enormous variety of materials and forms. A gasket is used to create and retain a static seal between two stationary flanges. At Vaes we have many years of experience.