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Valle Esudero, S.L
24 April 2019
Customised development

We have developed in collaboration with Montero a high quality economical material which covers every need in sealing for drinking water and gas. This material offers at an unrivalled price a range of characteristics that satisfy every need sealing for drinking water and gas in different boilers and heaters for domestic use.

The BELPA CSA-520 gasket sheet is manufactured courtesy of the latest advances in fibres with high thermal and mechanical resistance mixed with a high quality NBR rubber matrix. The resulting material is a gasket sheet with high thermal and mechanical resistance, very low gas permeability and high residual stress in compliance with regulation BS 7531 GRADE X. BELPA CSA 520 is a gasket sheet suitable for most industrial services, with excellent creep at high temperatures, making it the ideal solution for a wide range of services and equipment.

Over the past year we have incorporated a new product destined to provide water-tightness of different boilers and heaters. Fully aware that the manufacturers of this equipment do not wish to see its quality compromised by these small components, but conscious too that the market situation obliges one to review the cost of every single element, we recommend the use of this material as the best option.

For many years the manufacturers of materials han prescrito las bondades of their products quedando recogidas estas en la documentación exigida por nuestros clientes. The best way of avoiding responsibility was to limit oneself to the customer’s prescription or offer better quality materials at a higher price. On this occasion we have worked shoulder to shoulder with both our customer and our supplier in order to create a product which satisfies the end user in terms of both quality and price.